Saturday, March 30, 2013


Today in my teenage angst, I was startlingly self-oriented.

A couple of my friends told me today that they've started dating. My response was pretty typical. I was thrilled. Well first I was surprised, and then I was thrilled, and then I got sad.

Not for the gross and obvious reason that I'm not in a relationship myself and must therefore be sad that I now have even less single friends. No. Though I really have very, very few single friends left, I was sad, because I so didn't see this coming.

I pride myself on having attained a certain level of social perception. I don't know how or when this happened, but I've come to be able to read people, pretty well. I'm hyper aware of their emotions and keep stupid track of their life events, so as to be able to correlate their emotions with those events. This is weird and it might seem a little invasive, but if you know me, you know that it's just the way that I care. And I really do care. A lot.

Part of this, though, has resulted in a tendency to see people's romantic relationships develop before they do. Once, I encouraged this guy to go for a girl I thought he probably liked, before he was even aware that he liked her. They're married now. But because I'm not actively a part of a romantic relationship, I think I've taken to foreseeing these relationships as a way to invest in them and impose myself upon them. If I saw it coming, I probably had a part in making it happen, right? Wrong; but it's where my mind goes.

These friends of mine, are two of my favorite people. I mean, I have a lot of favorites, but these ones really take the cake. I'm happy. I really am. And I don't know what led me to make this exciting proclamation - though it was really more of a whisper because he told me in church - all about me. My selfishness is coming out and it's not pretty. But it brings me back to the reality that being aware of my inherent selfishness  doesn't make it good.

I'm sorry guys. You two really are the best. Let's talk about how this happened, sometime. I promise I won't be jealous that I wasn't there to see it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Today in my teenage angst, I present to you . . .

Five Reasons why Logan Huntzberger is the best of Rory Gilmore’s Boyfriends

#1 – He is really hot.
And like, so is Jess. But Logan is the kind of bad boy hot that you want to chase after, not the kind of bad boy hot that you work hard to avoid but eventually give into. Also Logan went on to do The Good Wife and Friday Night Lights. Where on earth is Jess? Dean was clearly just crying to be set free to go hunt demons with his brother. (Thanks for that Adriene.)
These arguments will get better.
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#2 – He challenges Rory to be better.
Believe it or not, our Rory Gilmore is a little flawed. She’s focused to a fault, a little self-involved (in a super endearing way, of course), and she has a hard time stepping out of her stringent self-monitoring. Logan meets her where she’s at, in taking her on a Life and Death Brigade outing for the purpose of journalism, and teaches her that sometimes the most important thing is that moment in time itself. And while his willingness to throw caution to the wind often gets him in hot water on a number of levels, he’s always willing to step up to the plate when he needs to. Rory benefits from this part of his personality, countless times, in countless ways.
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#3 – He already lives in the world in which Rory most belongs.
As we know, Rory comes from a long line of upper class Americans. Continuing this line, her mind and abilities have always been bigger than Stars Hallow and while this doesn't always jive with Lorelai, she belongs in the world of her grandparents. Logan steps into this world with a comfort that can’t be matched. This is seen during the time that Rory works for the DAR – when she’s away from Yale – and is in the public eye on a very regular basis. As he accompanies her to events and his presence becomes a staple. He interacts well with Richard and Emily, as well as their peers, and encourages her to perform her public duties well.

#4 – He can match her on an intellectual level.
Logan’s family is overwhelmingly successful. This puts a lot of pressure on him to become something big, in order to carry on this success. While this tends to inspire his dare-devil rebellion, but it doesn’t remove his inherent intelligence. Let’s think back to that episode when Rory had to produce the paper in like six hours because Paris had a nervous breakdown. Logan, though he no longer worked for the paper, stepped in and masterfully helped her pull it off. Not only was this hilarious (Paris really stole this episode with her Beautiful Mind-like bunker), but it showed Logan’s innate business saavy and resourcefulness. Also it was super hot. I mean, who doesn’t like a man who can get stuff done. I think we can all agree that Rory needs someone who can meet her a social as well as an intellectual level. Logan is that someone.

#5 – He really, really, really, really, really cares.
Think back. Dean only cared if Rory liked him the most. Jess only cared if Rory was using her mind to its fullest potential. Logan cared first for Rory’s happiness, health, and safety. Furthermore, he cared for the needs of her family. When Richard had his second heart attack, it was Logan who rushed to the hospital to meet Rory and be present not only as a comfort to the family but also to take care of any pressing needs. All of these were put before there was ever a question of whether or not Rory liked him best or was using her mind to the fullest. He was willing to make these worthwhile assumptions. And I think that helped in strengthening their relationship.
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This isn’t to say that Rory and Logan never had problems. We all remember the blow-up after Honor’s wedding when Rory found out Logan had slept with someone when they were on a break. But Logan’s immediate solution is to talk it out. Which I feel is a pretty healthy approach.

All this to say, Logan is the greatest and the greatest he will stay!

Anyone want to build me an argument for the other two? I’m obviously open . . .