Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A veritable dish of an old man.

The improbability of Disney has led to the bitterness of a generation.

Today in my teenage angst I stumbled upon a startling truth. 

I was looking for a cool picture of a tree (which is the only thing I google image search for) and stumbled upon a picture of Troy Bolton from High School Musical. Why would this be, I asked? So I clicked on the link to find out. 
It led me to a review of High School Musical 3. I wondered why anyone would bother but read it anyway. This is the paragraph that led me to my truth discovery. 

2. Kids in Movies Always Have Improbably Awesome Tree-houses, Even When They Are Way Too Old For Improbably Awesome Tree-houses.

Troy Bolton also has an improbably awesome tree-house. He takes Gabriella up there for some quiet singing time. It has like two separate rooms and a pirate flag and a damn nautical helm.  It is an overused, cliched joke to say "that place is nicer than my apartment" but, seriously, its nicer than my apartment.

The improbably nature of Disney, especially in its portrayal of suburban life, has led my generation, now emerging into adulthood, to become bitter because their lives have not turned out as Disney said they would. 

What a let down you are, Walt Disney. Too bad you're frozen and don't have a grave to roll over in. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Always and Forever.

Today in my teenage angst I shared the sentiments of Napoleon Dynamite's older brother Kip as he sang about loving technology to the tune of Always and Forever. After accidentally deleting almost one hundred pictures from my camera - documenting my week at camp, Suzy's visit, Autumn's first baseball game and Folk Fest - I quickly sought help from the world wide web.

Three downloads later (I tend to be less than discerning when it comes to program download) I had my pictures back. As much as I wish I could live free of the technological binds I am in, sometimes those binds more than a blessing. 

The Best.

Today in my teenage angst, I was sorry. Sorry for not keeping my very few followers updated on the unending fun I have been having this summer. I may hate my job (in only one or two senses) but I have spent my summer well. 

Specifically I would like to note that a little over a week ago, I became a wake-boarder. I was out at camp, discovering that water is fun (who knew?) and promised a pre-teen boy that if he tried wake-boarding, I would too. This was a poor decision for someone who grew up in a field and though naturally buoyant, isn't that strong of a swimmer. I made it up on the third try and was amazed at the feeling. After about 30 seconds of life in the wake I became confused that I hadn't fallen yet and consequently fell. The falling was almost more fun. I was wicked sore the next day and even more sore the day after that. I told my dad he could expect to see me in the next water x-games. He told me that wasn't likely. 

Nothing like smashing your daughter's dreams. 
Here's a couple other highlights from the summer. 
 I don't know why it's uploading sideways; bear with me. And mourn with me that I just lost all the pictures from the rest of the summer that I had planned to share with you. My heart is a little wounded.