Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today in my teenage angst, I had the best convo with a friend. He's the student body president at the college I graduated from a couple years ago and he has a new girlfriend. I am so excited for them. They are so wonderfully matched. And you know when your friends start dating and you know right away how perfect this relationship is? I'm so happy about this. I am so happy about this. 

So anyway I wanted to talk to him about it and we always have these really amazing conversations when we run into each other and God ordained it that we would see each other today. We ended up talking for a half hour. I was so blessed after and so grateful that there are still people willing to invest time and energy in conversation.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today in my teenage angst, men's boxers accompanied me to work.

We're in an awkward temperature stage at the library. It's too cold outside to have the AC on but the unseasonably warm temperatures (those being anything above zero) are making the heat inside the library unbearable. So I bore my legs at work. I wore a skirt so it wouldn't seem so out of place. But not wearing tights underneath makes me feel like I'm always about to inadvertently expose myself to the unsuspecting families in the children's library. So I slapped on a pair of boxers.

Let it be known, men's boxers are a gift from above. They're substantial enough that you can wear them around your house but insubstantial enough that you can wear them under a skirt and it doesn't look like you're wearing two sets of bottoms. I like to flash my boxers at my friends to brag about how cute I look and how simultaneously comfortable I am.

Believe it or not, this is an accomplishment.

Friday, November 25, 2011

King Conan O'Brien

Today in my teenage angst, I found the graphic novel series 'King Conan' and outrageously assumed it was about Conan O'Brien. It's clearly not. 

I really wish it was. 

Oh and this just in. They're making a movie. Further revision: Conan O'Brien is not starring. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nerf dart.

Last night in my teenage angst, I found a nerf dart in the library. 

As an alternative to recycling their plastic bags at Safeway or wherever, many patrons bring them to the library. So whenever a tween takes out 32 graphic novels at a time I can say, 'Hey. Want a bag?' 

Tonight as I was handing one of those bags to one of those tweens, I found in it a nerf dart. I couldn't decide if it was awesome, or disgusting. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas songs . . . just a part of the scam.

Today in my teenage angst I reflected on Christmas. Not the Christmas I celebrate, Christ incarnate sent to  earth to save us from ourselves. But rather the one I see on TV for six weeks beforehand. 

Christmas music has been a part of my life since day one. I know all the words to every carol and hymn. I've seen White Christmas and Holiday Inn over twenty times. I've even made a point of performing the greater half of the White Christmas soundtrack at various points. Because really . . . who doesn't simply adore Irving Berlin.

Unfortunately Christmas music has become another point of the holiday season money making scheme. Fortunately, a lot of really terrible Christmas music has been produced and unbelievably successful and as such has presented me with the ability to make fun of it year after year. 

Wham. I love Wham. I love their cheesy eighties pop lyrics. But this song is just too much. Everyone knows it, but have you seen the video? So good.

Don't Save it All for Christmas Day. This is a favorite of so many. The whole give and not receive thing is a popular message but only really applies to a capitalist economy that prides itself on the exploitation of the masses. Still, it's sincerity is funny. Celine Dion's is my favorite. 

Paul McCartney and the Wings Wonderful Christmas Time. My sister and I take pride in our love of Paul McCarntney's less successful solo career in comparison to John Lennon's. This song takes the cake. I feel like the eighties required the production of bad Christmas songs and that was certainly the case here. The over-synthesized nature of this song is what makes it so great. That and the outrageous casting.

So this season, take joy in the wonder of this season and the lengths we will go to for a buck and some cheap entertainment. 

Monday, November 21, 2011


I am a scarf lover. I love them because of their comfort abilities mostly. My winter uniform is scarves and hoodies. Classy I know. But I'm a student so suck it. Sitting in my frigid room writing papers calls for comfort first. Scarves give me that. Because though, my stress begs me to carry my comfort with me, scarves allow me to remain comfortable outside the home without wearing sweatpants.

My friend Sonya-Rose sent me this vid yesterday and man am I grateful.

This girl rules. Today I chose the waterfall (2.07). I'll probably go for the celebrity tomorrow (1.53).

Isn't picnik funny? 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Penny (Part 2)

Today in my teenage angst we lost our only real family pet.

Remember this baby? In August, on her 18th birthday, I posted a tribute.
Penny left us today. Her dehydration and incontinence had become to much for us to justify, not to mention its getting to cold for her to sleep in the garage. So my Dad took a brave and tragic step - one he didn't want to take - and took her to be put down.
We all cried. I'm still on the brink of tears. I have a headache. As resistent as you might be to animals, you can't know another living thing for eighteen years without caring for it.
But we had her. And we loved her. And while we still love her, Nelly Furtado said it best (and first) when she said "all good things have to come to an end." There's a little levity for you.

What a day. I suppose we probably have some books in the kids section at the library on coping with the loss of a pet. I should look those up.

Penny-Jenny, I miss you already.

PS. This is my 200th post. That's not that many for those who are consistent with their blogs but whatever. 200. Go me.