Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some things just shouldn't happen.

Today in my teenage angst, I learned I just shouldn't make things.  
This is the knitting project I've been working on for the past three months. I'm not very committed to my creations.  
The issue, I'm sure you can see is clear.  They are not the same. 
You're probably trying to figure out what exactly they are.  They were meant to be leg warmers.  But somehow I cast 103 stitches to start the second one which made it about a third longer than the first.  
I just don't think this whole creating thing is going to work out for me.  

We cannot fully understand that which is underground . . .

Today in my teenage angst, I made Little Red.  That’s right, my dream has been made reality.

For those not aware, Little Red is the underground newspaper at my college. Every issue makes my life a little bit better.  It also sparks a lot of dangerous conversation around campus.  But I guess that’s why it’s underground. 

SO, this post is dedicated to John Ottens and that day of old when the most commonly used phrase about him was “John’s bringing sexy back;” a picture taken because of this phrase is the reason I was included in a Little Red issue. 

Secondly, today in my teenage angst, I had the best and most awkward interaction with our Student Body President. 

I was sitting with a friend in one of the chapel pews when Anthony noticed an issue of Little Red on my friend’s lap.  He then stated, “Oh that issue; the controversial one.”  I then replied in Hannah fashion, “I thought it was one of the strongest yet.”
“You mean the most controversial?  Oh no you mean the best.”
“Yes, I found it to be the one of the best written, argued and researched issues I’ve seen from them.”

He then got really quiet and noticeably awkward.  He flashed his award winning smile at me and said “That’s wonderful.”  Awkward pause while I stared awkwardly back at him, “No it really is,” he finished. 

Then he gathered up his stuff, wished me a good day and walked away. 

What a moment for him. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Today in my teenage angst, I went to a movie with my sister.  

Gilbert Blythe was there.  

She wanted to break a slate over his head. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uninformed Blamelessness

Today in my teenage angst, I discovered that ignorance really is bliss. 

Describing the situation would only remind me that I am no longer ignorant to the issues within.  So I will say this.
Though open communication within interpersonal relations is often recommended, it makes things harder; and consistently more awkward.  If there’s an issue and you’re not aware of it, no one can blame you for leaving it unattended.
This is true bliss.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Resolution dependencies.

Today in my teenage angst, I became aware that not being able anticipate resolution is an issue for me.

In this day and age of TV on DVD, there is no reason to watch a show on actual television broadcast.  If you haven’t seen the entirety of a series, don’t worry, start at the beginning online and catch up.  It also presupposes (in a small way at least) that you probably know what’s coming.  But we’ll take any sort of distraction from the reality of our lives, so who really cares. 

I’m watching the sixth season of House online right now.  I have no idea what is going to happen.  The fact that I can’t anticipate the resolution is causing an angst beyond my control.

Nicely played, FOX Broadcasting Incorporated.  Nicely played.  

Friday, February 5, 2010

The class idiot.

Today in my teenage angst, I realized I’m an idiot. 

You know that person that always has an answer in class?  That person who will give an answer even if he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about?  Today, I was that person.