Saturday, January 30, 2010

You win some . . .

Today in my teenage angst I realized that every time someone wins, somebody else loses; and that every time someone loses, somebody else wins.  

Impartiality to either outcome is the only way I can reconcile the consequences.  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Football kisses.

Today in my teenage angst, I discovered I've developed a really bad habit of kissing people when I want them to stop what their doing.  
This didn't translate well to the football field for two reasons.  First, it just didn't belong in the game and second, most of the team's offensive line was at least two feet taller than me . . . there's no way I was getting them down to me. 

Yesterday, in my teenage angst, I got really sick.  I went to bed at 7.15pm, dreamed somewhere in those twelve hours that I played for a professional football team (which despite my inathleticism, would be awesome) and thought I should blog about it.

This morning, I realize this makes no sense and is completely illogical.  But the dream said blog, so I blogged.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Similar? I think so . . .

Today in my teenage angst, I was yelled at by my sister for thinking that Boone from LOST and Barry Watson from Seventh Heaven (God help us all) look alike. 
 Let me now prove my point.                                                                                   

          Yes.  I am right.  Thank you.  At the very least we have brothers here.  

Zelda - not just a video game.

Today in my teenage angst, I lost my cell phone.  This should have been a bigger deal than it was.  I think I am the only person in my generation who consistently doesn’t know where her cell phone is.  So I didn’t notice until I went to bed that night and realized I had left it at Ben’s house. Really it wasn’t lost.

Two days later (because I apparently didn’t need it until then) I went to Ben’s house to get it.  As we looked around for this phone we discovered it was no where to be found.  We initially blamed it on Zelda – their cat – who takes and hides everything.  But really, how is a cat going to take and hide a cell phone.

Yesterday I got a message from Ben’s roommate saying that he had found my phone and that his cat had indeed taken it.  That hussie. 

Thesis: The lack of an alarm clock leads to uneducated wardrobe decisions.

Today in my teenage angst, I woke up late.  That didn’t help.  My 
sister knocked on my door to ask if I was going to my class.  Helpful as this was, it didn’t brighten the morning. 
After deciding against a shower, I stood in front of my closet for a full five minutes.  I haven’t done that in . . . well, ever.  What was I to wear?  Go dressy or stay casual?  The lack of shower kind of implied the casual but what did I care? 
I ended up with jeans and a sweater vest that I found in the trunk of a friend’s car.  Not the best choice ever I don’t think.