Saturday, January 3, 2009

For Karlie . . .

This one time I joined track to get out of a day of school. I used to do hurdles in track but I was tired of that. It's a lot of training to run two races. So I picked Javelin. This wasn't a good idea. The farthest I ever got it was 12 meters. 12. Do you know what the Olympic record is? 71.5 for women. So anyway this was all to get out of a day of school. So I kind of trained. But not really. So I get to the meet, which is like 2 days before my grad. But I had this huge wait before my event so I went over to my friends house and she did my nails for grad. Then, I had to go throw Javelin. Another bad idea. I'm pretty sure I didn't even breach 6 meters. It was pretty lame. The guy doing the measuring was giving me throwing tips. My whole family was there along with 4 (max) other spectators. Me and my best friend did it together to get out of the day of school. But she's pretty athletic and could get the thing like 20 meters. So she got to move on to SWAC and whatnot.

This is her favorite story, about me, of all time.

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Karlie said...

hehehe - I it!
I miss you and love you sooo much my dearest!