Friday, February 6, 2009

My four year-old post-modernist.

This is my four year-old post-modernist.  

I spent the entire morning learning the history and characteristics of post-modernism.  After doing this I realized that my four year-old is a post-modernist.  

Post-modernists aruge that the beliefs a person holds are unto themselves and the beliefs of those around them have no affect on 
their beliefs what-so-ever.

So Bekah and I had had a rough morning, one day as I took care of her while her mom was at work. We were clashing at every point.  So I told her sternly to get a shirt on so we could finish getting ready to go to daycare.  She stomped off to her room and came back with her shirt on inside out and backwards.  I said to her, "Bekah, your shirt is on wrong."  She looked at me and said with distain, "It's only wrong to you."  

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, post-modernism has pervaded every aspect of our lives.  
Even our toddlers.  

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