Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love the libs.

I love the library.  I love the environment it affords.  I love the community that can be created around the connection of homework.  But most of all, I love the hilarious printed materials that one, who spends enough time there, can find.  
I must confess that I didn't actually find these texts.  My friend Priscilla found them; and let me tell you how indebted to her I am.  
So here's a picture of the books I am relishing in right now.  

A Short Life of Christ and A Shorter Life of Christ.  Next to each other, on the library shelf.  Yay!  Just in case you were wondering, Christ's life was apparently short and furthermore, it can be made shorter.  
Olivia Boyda said, in her brilliance, "So it's like, is your paper due next week, or tomorrow?"
The best part of this whole deal is that The Shorter Life (clearly the superior text) is published by Zondervan, whereas the The Short Life is published by the obviously inferior Eerdmans.  

That's irony at its best.  

Here's also a cool pic of the Zondervan print inside the book.  I should probs send it to them.  Jk.

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