Monday, July 20, 2009

That which is pure is desirable.

We all have names to live up to. Maybe our last; or perhaps our first.

The Ephesians had a cultural name to live up to. Ephesus means desirable. We won't discuss what could have been considered appropriate for the general population to ensure they were living up to this name but this is especially interesting for the church in Ephesus. They knew what was required to be desirable. Having been a part of the Christian faith for quite some time now, they knew that to love and to be pure in that love was desirable. This is what was required of them.

John in his writings in Revelation 2, he writes to this church and admonishes them to return to the love they had at the beginning of their faith. They are reminded that they have a name to be living up to.

That which is pure is desirable.

The implications of this reach much further than living up to a name sake. It has implications for our relational lives; our evangelistic lives; our romantic lives; our spiritual lives. That which is pure is desirable. Thus, if we intend to be desirable in any one of these ways we must understand what it is to be pure.

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