Monday, May 23, 2011


Today in my teenage angst, I feel as though I've added to America's dying ability to read. It's been a while since I posted anything that had any writing accompanying it. I often find that reading online is a lot harder than on paper. My eyes don't like the screen and end up skimming the document like its a theology textbook.

I've been sitting on a couple of vlogs for a few weeks now, unable to complete them because I bought a new computer and don't have the software to do so; as of yet. I'm returning to student life in the fall (from a distance that is) so I have to buy it soon or I won't be able to complete my assignments. So that's the word. That's the purpose for my distance. I think about my blog every day but fail to give anything to my readers because I'm to lazy to compose anything with words. That's the day for you. 

Well happy long weekend, all. Americans, happy weekend before your long weekend.

Also, I thought it best to print a retraction considering my vlog Sickness Central. That same day I went to take care of a friend's boy for a few hours and she gave me the most incredible cough medicine. I kid you not, I felt immediately better. I bought it and within 24 hours was 90 percent mended. I've been good ever since. So thank you for all your concern but no doctor was necessary. I told you so. 

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