Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm a failure, I'm aware

So leave me alone. 

I was drowning in Playdough Plato, if you didn't see my BlogCrashers episode here, but I'm not anymore. Well almost not anymore. I'm about to revise my little paper and send it off in the morning.

All this to say that if you've been waiting all day for my defense of the show Glee (which I recognize is fairly unlikely as I really hope you all have greater lives than the blogisphere I happen to be a part of), its coming soon. It's in processing. I'm fairly certain my Plato paper helped me coin my actual message, so its worth waiting for. I almost guarantee it. Which isn't a guarantee at all.

In other news, today I found a shower in our break-room at the library. I told the new girl and she said she had found it on her first day. I've been there seven months and had no idea I could have been showering at the public library. What a let down. 

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suzy said...

i've been waiting. i'm actually really excited to read this defence of glee...