Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I'm too lazy for anything else. I have so much to write about. So much to tell. But I can't. Because I'm tired, and taxed. And when I'm tired and taxed all I want is to sleep and watch Modern Family. Which I have been doing. So. Here we go.

Oh, I should preface that I care a lot about American politics, even as a Canadian. I hold duel citizenship which gives me a vested interest in their process of government. I have though, discovered, through this ever important election, that I have a lot of Canadian friends who care a lot about American politics, and they would say, especially as Canadians. Because of our proximity to America, we cannot distance ourselves as much as we'd like to. I find it frustrating when I meet Canadians who "don't like Americans." I always try and draw out the actual meaning of this absurd statement, and I've never gotten a legitimate defense. What has generally been successfully communicated is that the age and power of America is intimidating and thus their influence seems threatening. So too their ethnocentrism seems arrogant, but I would argue that the fraction of sincerely ethnocentric Americans is so small it hardly matters. I just want us to think harder about this. And if we want to assert that we "don't like Americans," I want us to have a solid reason why, and consider those reasons in relation to how we view members of other countries.

Anyway, the links I'm presenting include a lot of solid (and some humorous) info about the Election. I'm a Democrat so it includes a lot of Probama stuff. I just made that up. Legit. I am so awesome. Patented. PrObama. I'm the best. Anyway, I think that now that the decision has been made and our anxiety levels have gone down, we need to be making a concerted effort to continue in the passion we had during the election.

Alrightyo. Here we go.

HTML Tips for beginners.

21 Pictures Of Adorable Disney Animals In Real Life.

This doesn't have a title but I will call it Tina Fey being awesome.

You guys. Lisa Frank is back.

Tom Hanks performs Slam Poem about Full-House on Jimmy Fallon.

Megan McArdle: Keys to the Economy

Boom, Roasted: Here's why you don't ask a Feminist to hawk your sexist product.

IKEA Playin' with my friends music video.

9-year-old Jimmy Mizone, playing the banjo. As if. These three are far too much.

The Human Jukebox.

Halloween Commercials from the 80s and 90s. 

Understanding the Nation Debt and Budget Deficit. Thank the Lord for John Green.

Anakin the two-legged cat vs. the paper bag. Proof of evolution. Watch her adaptation. Legit.

Are you there, God? It's me, Azita.

Ellen is Sofia Vergara!

The 21 most awkward situations in history. I laughed forever. You have to let the GIFs load for it to really have its full effect.

Literally the best thing ever: Shows within shows.

Kate Nash does Buffy: Once More With Feeling on Halloween. I so wish.

The World's thinnest home has been built in a Polish Alleyway.

The Importance of Grieving Openly.

Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their halloween candy, again. Best kid ever award. Right here.

How to start a blog.

The Options of an Unplanned Pregnancy.

Wrapped Paper: AKA Ready-Made Art.

Alright. Well that's all. Nova always thanks people for leading her to the places and the things, but I don't pay enough attention to know where I got these. So I will go ahead and guess.

Thanks to!, Nova, Hello Giggles, the Rookie Writers . . . OH! and Tumblr in general. I'm so happy to have gotten involved in the Tumblr world. They are good.

And so I will leave you with this photo. Which speaks of my heart right now. Love and goodness and hope for our political and governmental future. Which because we live in a democracy embodies every aspect of our existence. Mostly. 

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