Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This weekend, amid my teenage angst, Taylor Swift threw her best friend a birthday party. At said birthday party, Chris Carrabba was invited to do a surprise concert for mega-fan Taylor-Swift's-best-friend. All the best people were there, including me, via my bedroom, watching a clip of the crowd singing Hands Down with Chris Carrabba and his awesome tattoos and hair. I spent the next half hour nostalgically realizing that I still knew all the words from start to finish, even the ones that I consistently sang wrong at the height of my obsession and eventually learned were incorrect.

I, not Taylor-Swift's-Best-Friend, am a mega-fan. I have and adore all of their albums, even Alter the Ending, which everyone was sniffy about and listen to it still (acoustic, and . . . plugged in. That's the opposite of acoustic right?) I love everything about this band. Their writing style, their melodies, their hooks. My friend Brock said to me once that no one is better at writing a hook than Chris Carrabba. I'll stand by that.

So I made this video. It's a cover of Hands Down. I'm embarrassed about it, but really I'm not because I made it and because this song is life. If you're not interested in a cover of Hands Down because you don't like Dashboard then please get off my blog and find some different reading. You are not wanted hear. Jk jk jk. I don't care if you don't like them, but please shut your mouth about it when you're near me. Or just shut your mouth about it all together. That's a better solution.

I get aggressive when I'm passionate. It's a thing.

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