Saturday, August 22, 2009

Babies Having Babies.

Last Monday, my baby, had her babies. What a blessed event.
I got to watch the whole thing, which, gross as it may sound was amazing.

So this is the first baby. I thought she was black but turned out to be stripped
just like her daddy. Cute.

There are two stripped ones and I am unable to tell the difference. Either way, Duckie is extremely protective of all of them.

They especially enjoy using each other as headrests and blankets while sleeping. This pic features the black male kitty.

This is Olive, she will be Ben's baby. She is definitely the runt of the litter. Her size is hilarious and she's feisty so she's not afraid to fight for prime placement on Duckie's belly.

Here is me and the proud Mama. She's good to her babies.

Neither Duckie nor the baby were very happy about this picture taking place,
but it had to happen sometime.

If you're interested in a kitty let me know. I'd be happy to supply you with one.

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