Thursday, January 28, 2010

Football kisses.

Today in my teenage angst, I discovered I've developed a really bad habit of kissing people when I want them to stop what their doing.  
This didn't translate well to the football field for two reasons.  First, it just didn't belong in the game and second, most of the team's offensive line was at least two feet taller than me . . . there's no way I was getting them down to me. 

Yesterday, in my teenage angst, I got really sick.  I went to bed at 7.15pm, dreamed somewhere in those twelve hours that I played for a professional football team (which despite my inathleticism, would be awesome) and thought I should blog about it.

This morning, I realize this makes no sense and is completely illogical.  But the dream said blog, so I blogged.  

1 comment:

rachiedragon said...

i love you :) haha and could totally envision you trying to kiss an entire football team just to get them to stop doing something...
miss u!