Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zelda - not just a video game.

Today in my teenage angst, I lost my cell phone.  This should have been a bigger deal than it was.  I think I am the only person in my generation who consistently doesn’t know where her cell phone is.  So I didn’t notice until I went to bed that night and realized I had left it at Ben’s house. Really it wasn’t lost.

Two days later (because I apparently didn’t need it until then) I went to Ben’s house to get it.  As we looked around for this phone we discovered it was no where to be found.  We initially blamed it on Zelda – their cat – who takes and hides everything.  But really, how is a cat going to take and hide a cell phone.

Yesterday I got a message from Ben’s roommate saying that he had found my phone and that his cat had indeed taken it.  That hussie. 

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elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

i lov what you've done with the place... it's so snazzy. now mine looks boring. lame.