Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Best.

Today in my teenage angst, I was sorry. Sorry for not keeping my very few followers updated on the unending fun I have been having this summer. I may hate my job (in only one or two senses) but I have spent my summer well. 

Specifically I would like to note that a little over a week ago, I became a wake-boarder. I was out at camp, discovering that water is fun (who knew?) and promised a pre-teen boy that if he tried wake-boarding, I would too. This was a poor decision for someone who grew up in a field and though naturally buoyant, isn't that strong of a swimmer. I made it up on the third try and was amazed at the feeling. After about 30 seconds of life in the wake I became confused that I hadn't fallen yet and consequently fell. The falling was almost more fun. I was wicked sore the next day and even more sore the day after that. I told my dad he could expect to see me in the next water x-games. He told me that wasn't likely. 

Nothing like smashing your daughter's dreams. 
Here's a couple other highlights from the summer. 
 I don't know why it's uploading sideways; bear with me. And mourn with me that I just lost all the pictures from the rest of the summer that I had planned to share with you. My heart is a little wounded. 

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Mich said...

oh no!!

this is cute. i like steve's typical response. and look at you - posting a picture of you in a bathing suit! you look so BA.