Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The improbability of Disney has led to the bitterness of a generation.

Today in my teenage angst I stumbled upon a startling truth. 

I was looking for a cool picture of a tree (which is the only thing I google image search for) and stumbled upon a picture of Troy Bolton from High School Musical. Why would this be, I asked? So I clicked on the link to find out. 
It led me to a review of High School Musical 3. I wondered why anyone would bother but read it anyway. This is the paragraph that led me to my truth discovery. 

2. Kids in Movies Always Have Improbably Awesome Tree-houses, Even When They Are Way Too Old For Improbably Awesome Tree-houses.

Troy Bolton also has an improbably awesome tree-house. He takes Gabriella up there for some quiet singing time. It has like two separate rooms and a pirate flag and a damn nautical helm.  It is an overused, cliched joke to say "that place is nicer than my apartment" but, seriously, its nicer than my apartment.

The improbably nature of Disney, especially in its portrayal of suburban life, has led my generation, now emerging into adulthood, to become bitter because their lives have not turned out as Disney said they would. 

What a let down you are, Walt Disney. Too bad you're frozen and don't have a grave to roll over in. 

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an9e1a said...

Oh my goodness. I really laughed out loud. Because I bet a lot of tree houses are nicer than my apartment. And, I just always knew that my bitterness sprang from my deep, implanted desire to have one of Disney's "happily ever after"s.