Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today in my teenage angst, I facebook creeped. Not an unusual activity for me. I like especially to creep on people I don't know. I click through all their profile pictures. I read what people are writing on their walls. Sometimes I look at their info to see if I can creep at any further lengths, but that step is fairly rare. 

Today I went to write on a friend's wall, not intending to creep, and noticed that he is in a relationship with the same girl he's been in a relationship with since the middle of High School. I found this incredibly odd. I clicked over to her page and creeped away. Once I left her page and continued leaving my intended note. 

Once I left facebook all together it occurred to me that it was more odd that I would assume the termination of a relationship before I would assume its tenacity. There's no stunning conclusion to this folly of thought beyond the fact that I've clearly been around a lot of ending relationships. I intend to interrogate him, the next time we drink a scotch together, to discover the secret (good or bad) to dating the same person for six years. This is in hopes that I might apply it to my next blessed relationship, whenever that may occur. 


Chess said...

Facebook creeping is a talent. One that I happen to be really good at!

Jamie said...

There is no shame in Facebook creeping. I mean, isn't that like 50% of what Facebook is for? haha. =]

Liz said...

I do that too! I have a friend that's been with the same guy since 7th grade (dating), and I'm always surprised.. and they're HAPPY!
It is sad, sad, sad that I'm always surprised.