Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visiting Vlog.

Today in my teenage angst I am visiting. I love when people use the word 'visit' as a synonym of 'chat' or 'talk'. My mom might say of her and her friend, "Oh we had a nice time visiting." I think its ridiculous. This might not make any sense, but it seriously makes me laugh every time. Also, my head tends to bobble when I mockingly say 'visit.' Along the same line, the word chat when used in any context other than on-line, kills me. Who are we to 'chat??? I'm sorry. I have hang-ups with the english language. 

ANYWAY! Take this time to hop on over to and you'll see ME! Suzy invited me to present a vlog on her site on what might become 'Hannah comes to visit Wednesday!'. We'll see if that actually goes ahead. 

So that is that my friends! I'm so excited. What a good Wednesday.  


suzy said...

hahaha you're up! however, if you want your readers to see it, you'll need to fix the link to my blog in this post...
i blog at

chrissy said...

the vlog could not be any better. you rock, sister!


ktpland said...

well hello there! love your vlog & hopefully there'll be many more to come if suzy lets you! :P great blog too! x

Sarah-Rose said...

Commenting here rather than suzy's little square of the interspace because I am going to add your blawg to my reader immediately.

suzy said...

i want to be like you. i tried to vlog today.