Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas songs . . . just a part of the scam.

Today in my teenage angst I reflected on Christmas. Not the Christmas I celebrate, Christ incarnate sent to  earth to save us from ourselves. But rather the one I see on TV for six weeks beforehand. 

Christmas music has been a part of my life since day one. I know all the words to every carol and hymn. I've seen White Christmas and Holiday Inn over twenty times. I've even made a point of performing the greater half of the White Christmas soundtrack at various points. Because really . . . who doesn't simply adore Irving Berlin.

Unfortunately Christmas music has become another point of the holiday season money making scheme. Fortunately, a lot of really terrible Christmas music has been produced and unbelievably successful and as such has presented me with the ability to make fun of it year after year. 

Wham. I love Wham. I love their cheesy eighties pop lyrics. But this song is just too much. Everyone knows it, but have you seen the video? So good.

Don't Save it All for Christmas Day. This is a favorite of so many. The whole give and not receive thing is a popular message but only really applies to a capitalist economy that prides itself on the exploitation of the masses. Still, it's sincerity is funny. Celine Dion's is my favorite. 

Paul McCartney and the Wings Wonderful Christmas Time. My sister and I take pride in our love of Paul McCarntney's less successful solo career in comparison to John Lennon's. This song takes the cake. I feel like the eighties required the production of bad Christmas songs and that was certainly the case here. The over-synthesized nature of this song is what makes it so great. That and the outrageous casting.

So this season, take joy in the wonder of this season and the lengths we will go to for a buck and some cheap entertainment. 

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Alabama's Christmas album! "Thistlehair the Christmas Bear". Need I say more...classic!