Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things 2.0.

Today in my teenage angst, I'm taking the easy way out and posting more things. I did nothing this week but sweat - aka work, and no I'm not a labourer - and find interesting things on the internet. Go me. I also finished watching My So Called Life and was sad to see it end. OH! this is a funny story about that.

All of my dad's sisters, five of them, are on facebook. We live in Saskatchewan and they live in Oregon, from where my dad originates. As such most of my development has taken place sans extended family. Anyway, they take the things I post rather seriously, which is endearing, but occasionally also super funny. 

As you can see, my aunt assumed 'mourn city' referred to my actual so-called life. Hahah. That's sad for her. Funny for me. Thank you, Aunt Patty.

Carrying on. Things I want you to see, watch, and listen. 

The Felicity opening for Seasons 3 and 4. It's so stupid. But it never gets old. JJ Abrams wrote this song and decided it was better than the super classy B&W stills opening from S1,2. Sad. But awesome.

Rubik's Cube portraits = Boss.


The luckiest 11 year old alive.

While I don't actual engage in the Game of Thrones - any part - I appreciate this break down of it's complexity. 

These babies are so bad ass. And I do mean babies. But also I covet Maisy's hair. Well Lennon's too. 

Share it Maybe? Bessttt. I also utilized the phrase 'Call Me Maybe' via text this week because I thought it was cheeky, but then the friend, whom I texted, said she had just used it in conversation. Oh well.

The Tiger Puppies of Sochi!!! Talk about dying. 

This isn't the original set, but it holds its awesome. These two are ready for anything. Including 

The New Yorker Episode of Seinfeld, as analysed by The New Yorker. 

Bad Opinion Generator. Particularly accurate on the first. 

My answer is most definitely no.

And finally, The Happiest Workout on Earth. I went for a ridic long run today and really wish I had gotten to do this instead. 

Happy rest of your weekend!

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