Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I post a broad list of things I want people to see. While I recognize that a lot of people only read for the sake of pictures, and videos are often a stretch (due to impossibly short
attention spans), I really mean it about the awesome of these things.

This was my pre-teen dream. It's not anymore.

You've probably already seen this. I hope you watch it again. I personally watch it three times daily and my life is better because of it.

Want to get bikini ready? Head to your local department store, purchase a bikini, put it on, revel in your gorgeous self. You, my dear, are good to go! 
This song is regularly jammed to in the car I'm using for the week. 

SARAH AND THE SEED! It's beautiful. Please read it. All of it. 

Magical Song and Dance Numbers from Non-Musicals. Parts 1 and 2. Oh man, I love HelloGiggles. 

I just saw this commercial and cringed at all the offense. Good glory, all the offense. Why yes, I am such a slave to my most basic of urges. 

That will be all. Thank you for watching. And reading. See you again. 

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