Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I may need to find a new metaphor.

Today in my teenage angst, I sweat more than I thought humanly possible. Let me qualify. Today, I sweat more than I thought humanly possible for the amount of exercise I did and the time in which I did it. 

I needed to run down to Safeway before I biked up to work. I've mentioned the hill I live at the bottom of. It no longer kills me in the morning. In fact, I love to see how easily I can mount it and how few breaks I need to take. Safeway is also at the bottom of this hell . . . I mean hill (that was a legit typo). Only that hill is on the west side. My hill is on the east side. They're apparently a little different. As I was attempting to climb this hill, I realized that the horizon was very close to me and this was exponentially steeper than what I was used to. The mailman I passed on my way unfortunately had to witness me giving myself a winded pep talk. When I arrived at work I was sweating, not like a pig (because they apparently don't) but something much worse. I probably should have taken a shower. 

I wish there was a moral to this story, but the reality is that I don't have a car and am consequently left to ride to work in the hyper unusual Saskatchewan humidity. That results in sweat. 

On an entirely different note, I am one month and two days from experiencing the glory that will be Arcade Fire's new album 'Suburbs' - to be released August 2nd. Here's some album artwork to give you a glimpse into how great its going to be.

Pre-order here

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Mich said...

You should give yourself this pep talk every day on the hill -

(they took it off youtube for some reason)

ps - that album artwork is so great!