Monday, June 14, 2010


Today in my teenage angst, I felt myself getting stronger. 
I went for a run and due to the incredible (not to mention long awaited) heat, my body was receptive and grateful for the exercise. I ran and I ran and when I stopped I felt not worn out, but rejuvenated; my legs, begging me to continue.

This has never been a reality for me. I have always lived on the outskirts of athleticism, continually prescribing myself to apathy and laziness. I went to a very athletic school. There were only 40 of us in the high school and I was one of very few that lacked in athletic fervor and ability. I was artsy. I loved music, drama, literature and everything that came with it. I dressed the part, I spoke the part and my involvement in athleticism was merely for social purposes. I even took part in Track and Field for seven years just to get out of a day of school and hang out with my friends. A further explanation of my track and field follies can be found here

As I aim to leave my apathy and subsequent laziness behind and live fully, striving for health is becoming important. As I feel myself getting stronger I will continue to run. I will run far; I will run hard. Well, at least as hard as my newly trained body will let me. 

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