Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Psychology is everything.

Today in my teenage angst, I was psychologically unprepared. 
I've become very aware of my psychological needs (which might be higher than average) over the past few years and as a result have come to understand that psychology is everything. 

My mother alerted me last night that they wouldn't be needing their car this morning as someone else in the carpool was driving. Excitement filled my soul. I ride my bike to work and honestly, I like it; but a day off every now and then is a blessing. All night long I prepared myself to drive, dreaming of the extra things I could do because of this vehicle. Most pertinently, I would get to go home at lunch to see if my Memorial letter came. 

I awoke this morning still elated with the anticipation of neither breathing heavily upon entering my workplace nor sweating through the morning. It's apparently getting hotter. As I went to leave my house and get into my waiting carriage, I could not find keys. I searched the tables surrounding the doors. I searched the pockets of the coats on the coat rack. Frantically, I called my dad at his office and confirmed my fears. 

No keys had been left for me to drive to work. I was left to ride in the 9am 26 degree heat. I was not psychologically prepared for this ride and it consequently sucked. Psychology is everything. Prepare yourself. 

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