Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today in my teenage angst, I'm bored; and I'm sorry. 

I'm bored of my life and the waiting to go home is amounting to nothing more than wasting the rest of my time here by watching Friends. This is a usual practise for me - passing a time of angst with the famous six. I've seen every episode at least twice and as many as seven times. I've seen Chandler and Monica get engaged at least six times and have cried a good one each and every time. 

I'm sorry because I'm just to bored to post anything, despite the fact that I think of awesome things to tell you at least seven times a day. So here are some snowflakes I made to entertain you in the mean time. Mock as you will. 
This one I call "mmm . . . okay."
"Good job, me!"
 "That's the crafty Hannah, I know."
 "Wierd. Are those pincers?"
 "Irish much?"
"Oh, Hannah."
I'll try again later. Not the snowflakes, the blogging. 

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