Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just whip it.

Today in my teenage angst, I was reminded why I've always been a fan of Top 40 Radio. Mostly because I like the gems that emerge from within it that I wouldn't be made aware of otherwise. These gems include Miley's 'See You Again', the Gag's 'Just Dance', and Katy Perry's 'Hot and Cold.' I'm not professing to be an actual fan of these artists but these songs are so catchy, lyrically hilarious (and ridiculous) and general mass popularity that I can't deny their marketed brilliance. I also love Miley's 'Party in the USA' as it featured, as a part of its lyrics, the word "tummy"; which was also included in 'See You Again.' I don't know why the general use of that word is considered okay in music lyrics. 

This fall, I was introduced to the wonder of Willow Smith. With Jaden killing it in the new Karate Kid, they had to find something for Willow to do. Being the Smiths, they kind of had the performing arts in their entirety to choose from; and every little girl wants to be a singer. So that was that. Her first hit, 'Whip my hair' was just that. A hit in every sense of Top 40. She went on the Ellen Degeneres Show and performed the song; the video of which was later posted on YouTube generating over 4 million views. Little Girls all over North America were making their own videos of choreographed whipping. The song itself, promoting positive self-esteem and body image, is doing its job, pretty darn well. 

But then I saw this. Jimmy Fallon hosted the Grammy's last year and did an amazing job. He was funny, he was clean, and he incorporated my favorite NBC comedy stars into his bits. He bases a lot of his comedy on musical impersonation of classic artists. Here he can be seen doing Neil Young covering Willow's 'Whip My Hair.' Not only will it make you laugh, it'll make you an instant Jimmy Fallon fan. Which is lucky for him. 
Take a look.

This is the real reason that I love Top 40. It provides endless material for comedy sketches and consequently enables entertainment to be created for me (and you) to enjoy. Forever. 
Thank goodness. 

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Mich said...

wow. this is freaking awesome. I had not seen this before. thank you.