Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review: Because everyone is doing it.

Today in my teenage angst, it's time for me to reflect on the year I am about to leave behind. As I think about it on the surface, it doesn't appear I've done much at all in comparison to some others, but it only takes a second to realize, I actual did and went through a lot. 

So here goes. In January I watched the entire series of Grey's Anatomy and got addicted to television. This is an addiction that I'll probably be suck with for the rest of my life. Oh well. Then, right before I returned to school for my final semester of my first undergrad degree, I hit some ice and ran my car into a tree. I hurt my leg pretty good, rendering me immobile for quite some time. 

In February I sang in a Musical Theatre Valentines show with my dear friend Ben Ross. We sang "The Next Ten Minutes" from The Last Five Years which we'd been working on for three years. How lucky were those in attendance! 

In March I had my last and worst modular class before Grad. Thank goodness I'll never have to do another ministry mod. I also had a manicure which I hope I'll never do again. 

In April I graduated from college which was a generally blase experience. But my fave roommate came back to grad with me so we had ourselves a good time. I also moved out of the apartment I had inhabited for two years. It was the worst week of my life. I almost burned the building down so I wouldn't have to deal with it.

In May I went to Moncton to experience the life of Laura Harris. This was the most wonderful week. We did everything and never stopped moving. We made it out to Fundy National Park, Halifax AND PEI. Creds to Laura for showing me such a good time. In this week I also met Ashley Wilson who introduced me to Memorial University, where I now attend! This was a very profitable visit. 

In June Amber and Phil got married in Hamilton, ON. I was blessed enough to be in attendance as a bridesmaid. It was probs the best wedding ever. 

In July I attended the Saskatoon Berry Festival in the little prairie town of Mortlach, SK. It was hilarious. We got to take Nevaeh which was the best part. Karlie and Tim (my besties in life) also moved back to Saskatchewan. PTL! I'm really hoping they'll make me an Aunt this year. I've tried to talk them into including it in their New Year's resolutions but they didn't seem to want to agree.

In August I ran Mega Sports Camp (with 88 kids) and hosted 13 Street Invaders. It was quite the week. I also closed down my life in Moose Jaw so as to move all the way to Newfoundland and try to survive in the barren wasteland that is that island. 

In September I made that move and started school at Memorial University. We had a bunch of rain, and then a hurricane and then some really nice weather. 

In October I did not find a job but instead watched mostly TV and wished I was in Saskatchewan. Then I stumbled upon Rabbittown Community Center and made some very fun friends. 

In November I found Avalon Wesleyan Church who meet in Rabbittown Community Theatre just up the street from my house. This was my saving grace. I think it was around this time too that I started to like living in Newfoundland. 
(The theatre is on this corner. I sadly don't actually have a picture.)

This was about the time, too that my dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. You can read about his journey here

In December I counted down the days until I could return to Saskatchewan and see my blessed family. 

So here I am! In a week I fly back to Newfland and I'm actually a little excited. I have fun classes this semester, I'm excited to spend more time with my church family and I am going (because I absolutely! must) get a job! My four months of adjustment are over so I think I'm good to actually enjoy myself this time around. Thank goodness for that. 

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Mich said...

au contraire! What an awesome year for you!! Man, you need t - I was just about to call you out for not posting any newfoundland pictures but just found a huge facebook album that i somehow missed so i will be over there now! Thanks for the shoutout :)