Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Souperbowl - Part II

We love our Superbowl Sundays. Once, back when Rosie O'Donnell, she talked about how she was going to buy a new big screen for her Superbowl party. We don't really go that far. Instead, like I stated yesterday, we have Soup Bowls and watch the game and do other stuff to keep us occupied in between plays. Today I plan avidly watch the game as well as knit an over-due hat for a friend, write some Valentines, address some Valentines that need to be sent and move back upstairs - due to the fact that I had to move downstairs for reasons that are to follow. 

My dad had to go into seclusion this weekend due to his radioactive state. My friend Ashley named him Radioactive Dad. I appreciated this. He has/had (or so we hope) thyroid cancer. Treatment required him to take some pills and down this drink that made him effectively radioactive. All I could think about was the Chrysalids and my future children. For the Superbowl, and our annual Souperbowl Party, he came out of his isolation and joined us downstairs. So far so good. 

Here's further update on my soup which was very spicy but nonetheless tasty. You'll also see the soup bowls that we annually purchase at Safeway - which, as an aside, does not exist in the east. 

Rousseau really wanted to get in on the action.

We're cheering for the Packers and I was pretty psyched about the awesome interception toward the end of the first quarter. 

Now halfway through the fourth quarter, we did have an eleven point lead but the Steelers just scored and is going for two. Our lead is only three points. Stupid two point conversions. BAH! Our lead has increased to six points with 2.06 to go!!! Steelers have the ball. I'm chanting "D-fense! D-fense!" The ball is thrown! The play is incomplete and TURNED OVER!!!!!! THE GAME IS OVER!!! WE'VE WON!!!!! 

What a great game. 

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Jessica said...

Was that hat for me? The one that you were supposed to give me for my birthday in July.. That then became my too-small Christmas present.. :P