Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucky Louie.

Everyone has a thing. My sister's thing is being naturally awesome at all things creative. My mom's thing is ruling at her job and falling asleep at 8pm. We love her for it. Suzy's thing is also all things creative but also being the queen of the bloggersphere. My thing is winning. Winning, winning, winning!!! 

Tuesday, in my teenage angst this once again was proven to be my reality. What an awesome reality.

So I was hanging out in Chapters with Suzy. We started out in the children's section. We like our board books. We found some brilliance and then we found some that were not so brilliant. Then we moved to the discount book sections and decided that judging books by their covers is definitely more worth it than not. Unless its a classic - because then its more likely than not to have an unfortunate cover because of its mass production. We didn't decide that part, I just said it. 

Then I found this card that said if I bought a greeting card I would get 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100% off my purchase. By this point I had gathered a number of ridiculous things to buy that I by no means needed. It didn't matter how much I got off my purchase I was going to buy it all anyway. But what do you know, my friends, I get to the till and I'm receiving a 100% discount off my purchase! What a thrill. She simply said to me, "You're good to go." And I walked away with 33 dollars worth of awesome, needless merchandise. 

These pictures don't include the DIY iPod speakers that you're meant to color yourself. I sent them home with Suzy so she could decorate them for me. What a lucky day. 


suzy said...

for. real. i wish my "thing" was winning things. what a nice schtick.

Mich said...

Pretty dayplanner!! I'm so excited about this for you.

ps i'm also good at winning - i've won a lot of blog giveaways. hahaha :)