Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Souperbowl.

The Superbowl is one of my favorite days of the year. I'm a legitimate football fan. I love CFL, I love NFL more and I love College ball most. So when it comes time for the Superbowl I am psyched. It is such an American tradition and so meaningful for the city and team that wins. Last year, the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl. Can you even imagine what that win would have meant for that broken beyond broken city? They didn't even place in the playoffs this year. I think that win came exactly when it needed to. 

So anyway, my family has this tradition of having Soup Bowls on Superbowl Sunday. This year I wanted nothing more than a Carrot Curry soup. So I made it happen. 

First I got slapped in the face by an onion. It has never been that bad before. I actually had to get my mom to finish chopping it. And then I made her take this picture. 
This is the finished product. I was too caught up in the process to document. The coconut milk will be added tomorrow before it is served. It'll also take down the heat; which is a little overwhelming right now. 
This is the key to a good soup. A food processor. I'm pretty well thought it was going to be a terrible experience but besides its abhorrent weight - which is actually amazing. It wasn't a pain to use or clean! 
And this, my friends is the splendidly clean kitchen only moments after I finished the soup. I love this most of all. I'm sure I'll love the soup more than this when I'm actually eating it tomorrow but for right now, this is it. 
Oh, I'd also like to note that all of this was done in the midst of having a text-convo with Suzy. I am a multi-tasking marvel. And though studies state that multi-tasking makes you dumber by splitting your focus and thus reducing your powers of logic and deduction. What-ever. I consider it a sort of super power. 

More on our fantastical family Souper-Bowl Partay-hey to come . . . 

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suzy said...

yay for your soup and multi-tasking powers! i was multi-tasking too: looking up and listening to music, decorating your speakers, and texting you! go me.