Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I committed to productivity. I couldn't sit anymore. I've been sitting for three days, and as thrilling as Buffy is . . .  So I made some cookies. I'm also planning to exercise - sans anklet -, efficiently study for my exam tomorrow and make myself a healthy lunch.

I started with some cookies. After finding this Martha Cookie Book at the library I had to bring it home. The index is pictorial! That clinched it for me. I really need it. Ben and I are going to Chapters on Saturday and I intend to locate it and make it mine. Anyway, I decided on Gingersnap Raspberry Sandwiches, because I have a really healthy relationship with jam and like to include it in whatever aspects of my life that I can.

I took some time to play with my sister's kitty in between exchanging the sheets of cookies.

Once they were all baked, I paired them up, lathered them with jam (literally. I loaded it on there) and sandwiched.

I might have dropped a little on my phone. No worries; my tongue took care of it - no assumed euphemisms please.

 Rousseau also helped herself to whatever made its way to the table.

Mission accomplished. Handily I might add.

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