Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I was interrupted. This isn't an unusual occurrence for myself as I am the youngest. Don't think I'm just bemoaning my place as the youngest. I'm a driver by personality, which allows me to make my way in this world easier than my experience as a youngest might have afforded me. I do like to think however, that I have the things I have to say are of some measure of worth. None-the-less, I am interrupted. I am interrupted at the dinner table, on the phone, in general conversation, etc. It's almost a small part of my place in the family. I am the youngest, ergo I am interrupted.

My sister started school again this year. She applied to the fine arts department at the University in the next town over and got accepted. She's 26. There's a significant difference in doing a portfolio interview with a 17 year old than with a 26 year old. Needless to say, she got in. She'd been out of school for a good eight years and as such everything is new. In some ways she reverted to a freshmen's mentality which was pretty entertaining for me.

I'm in my twelfth semester of college. My experience, at this point, should be able to lend to some sort of encouragement, advice or camaraderie. This is not to be had however, because I am interrupted. I'd like to accept my place in that but really just ends with me spending more time in my fridge of a room, watching Buffy. I gotta say, that's not the worst end.

Also, re: image included in this post. Can we just talk, for a second, about Brittany Murphy in this movie?

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nova said...

It has an eat-in chicken. hahaha