Friday, January 11, 2013


Today in my teenage angst, I feel like one of Jennifer Lawrence's friends from before she was famous. I like to think that she's the coolest and so, most likely did not reject her friends when she got her first (because now she's had two) Academy nomination. If you didn't read Suzy's posts from yesterday and today please hop right over there and read them before you read this. But you have all obviously read Suzy's posts because you all started following me long after you followed her. Sigh. Anyway.

Suzy and Jian Ghomeshi are becoming friends.Yeah, I'm calling it. When he comes in February and she and I go to meet him, he's going to be like, OOhh, you're that girl. And then he'll realize that her awkward wit and well crafted writing translates into a (literally) unbelievably cool individual that everyone should be so lucky to hang out with. And he's Jian Ghomeshi, so if he says its going to happen, its going to happen. And I'm saying, he's going to say it's going to happen. And then she'll explode with fame.

In contrast to this, I got a phone call at the library this morning from a man seeking recommendations on some works by Fredrick Nietzsche and Karl Marx. This was exciting because I'm a philosophy nerd. Really. I love it so much. So I was all, start with this primer and look at this collection and he was all like, how great to talk to someone who knows and cares about all of this. And I was like, yeah man; totally. But then, he turned the conversation into an explanation of his life story and consequential current circumstances (that I'm obviously to nice to display here). He then asked if he could call back sometime and talk with me about philosophy. Because you know, he doesn't have anyone else to talk to. Sigh.

I made something up about how reading is actually the best way to learn because it's based in history and history is life. But I don't actually believe that. The best way to learn is through dialogue based on text. But I didn't really want to tell him that. Later I talked to my supervisor about it and she looked at me, furrowed her brow and said, "yeah, no." This isn't an uncommon happening for me. It might be that I seem to surround myself with mid-lifers (the nicest way of saying 50-somethings), but for a reason I cannot discern, strangers love me.   And so while I am participating in uncomfortable conversations like this one, Suzy is earning her rocking self a free ticket to Jian's book tour.

Is this fair? Well, no; bu I don't really care. I got a good story out of my little situation, and I certainly don't see the problem inspreading Suzy's tale around a little. That's one of the perks of having famous friends. You're continually primed with amazing stories to tell.

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