Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today in my teenage angst, the moral of the story is that if you're going to buy cheap glasses online, buy two pairs. Because you can afford it and when you misplace one pair and after 25 minutes of thorough house searching cannot find them, you can don the other pair and be on your way.

Beth and I got storm-stayed in Regina last night. That statement should be revised to say that Beth and I got car-accident-stayed in Regina last night. There was a major and fatal car accident on the highway that generally gets us home and they closed it in order to clear all the debris. A good move, I know. But it left us in a strange (and a little annoying) position. We have, obviously, lovely friends in the city, so it wasn't a big deal. We had somewhere to sleep. We went out for dinner and got really hyper as we generally do when left alone together, and ended up sleeping together on the same hide-a-bed, just like when we were eight. That makes it sound like we were both eight. I was eight. She was ten. But still.

Becky's house is really fabulous. She likes old things a lot. And a lot of the amazing stuff she has was found in the recesses of their basement storage. It makes me wish my parents hadn't moved around so much so my mom wouldn't have gotten rid of so much of her stuff. Beck's mom was kind of a tree hugger though, so I don't think the same kinds of gems would have been as readily available. Anyway, being surrounded by things of such an age, and having to share a pullout bed with my sister in an uncomfortably hot atmosphere wishing I was in my own bed, threw me back to a time that I had long since forgotten.

I slept really horribly because I dreamt so much and because I was scared of sleeping with my sister lest I crowd her in the bed and invade her space. I don't remember any of my dreams but by the time we got home at around 10am, I was a little delirious. I drank a lot of coffee, ate some carbs to placate my fatigue, and watched some Community. Then, as I started to get ready for work, I did so with a lot of effort. You know when you do something you do all the time, but for some reason, this time, it's extra hard? As I started to leave, I realized I wasn't wearing my glasses. I looked and looked for them. I checked the freezer and the fridge and several closets. They were no where. Finally, I grabbed my second pair, thinking maybe I had forgotten my usual pair at Becky's.

Eight hours later, as I was getting ready for bed, I picked up the hoodie that I had worn the day before, I found my glasses in the pocket. Why would I ever put my glasses in the pocket of my hoodie? And considering this sweater was on my bed, under some other clothes and blankets, I feel pretty lucky they didn't break. But sometimes, you just get into that space that requires ridiculous actions like that, and what are you going to do?

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