Monday, April 5, 2010

Discovery Channel.

Today, my teenage angst led to a series of very important discoveries.

First, this morning I discovered the depth of my sin. This wasn't the best of my discoveries as it led to greater angst, but it was perhaps the most important.
Secondly, I discovered the depth of God's grace. The true depth that is. For I had always known it but until you understand what grace is for, you cannot understand its giftedness.
Third, I discovered that God appropriately teaches certain people the same things and the same times so that they can learn them together. This is only effective, however, if those people are committed to a) living in intentional community and b) corporate confession (or peer confession as I like to call it). 

Fourth, I discovered the wonder of spring; again. It was strange however, to feel my body temperature modifying itself to the new weather. I no longer felt extreme warmth or comfort by the turning of the air from winter to spring, but rather a little cold. Perhaps this was really because I refused to wear a jacket. 

But what good is spring really, if you have to wear a jacket. 

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