Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Stuff is Best Stuff.

Look what I got at the library for free! They were just going to throw it away. So I snagged it. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to go in the book sale pile but no matter, I took it anyhow. It sits in front of me on the desk where I do homework reminding me of past and hopefully future better days. 

Also excuse Photobooth's tendency toward mirror image. 


Jamie said...

Do you follow Miki from She always has tips about getting free books at the library and stuff! She's pretty fun. This just made me think of her. Free stuff is awesome!

kevin said...

well i know all about this working for the salvation army i could bring home a trunk load of treasure everyday ..... although i couldn't handle the consequences of doing that i.e. ending up on hoarders. great post