Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today in my teenage angst an egg exploded in my face. I hadn't fried eggs in forever. I watch far too much of the Food Network and had convinced myself I could cook the perfect, quintessential fried egg. I was nearly there, about to flip to perfection and it popped. I gasped.

When I was younger the boys in my class would sneak up behind me and slam textbooks by my ear. I jumped, screamed, gave them the exact reaction they wanted. Time took the surprise away as well as my tendency to jump and scream. Now I flinch and gasp.

I gasped. Tiny, hot bits of egg were burning my forehead, eyebrow and spotting up my glasses.

No perfect egg for me today.


Liz said...

I fried my first egg today, too! How weird... Mine didn't explode in my face, but it was SUPER ugly by the time I got done mutilating it :/

Crystal said...

Thank goodness for your glasses...wouldn't want tiny little egg bits burning your retinas!