Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mouth Breathers.

Today in my teenage angst, I became a mouth breather. 

There is nothing in life that baffles me more than mouth breathers. Whenever I see one, I inevitably stare in wonder and amazement. It's like seeing a wiener dog. You just kind of stare in amazement that they exist. There was a girl in my microeconomics class last year, who was not only a mouth breather but had some sort of gym class right before ours and had worked it out with our professor to come ten minutes late. Every monday, wednesday and friday I marvelled at her reality.

This sounds harsh. I obviously understand that there is a physiological reality for mouth breathers that I can't understand as I have working sinuses, but every time I see a mouth breather all I can think is, close your mouth! 

With the onset of fall and the allergies I seem,  after 24 years, now availed to, my nose is stuffy. Last night as I was shelving in the mysteries, I noticed I was mouth breathing. I became my the center of my own amazement! 

How often in life does that happen? 

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Hannah Joy said...

hahaha, the picture you chose to go along with this is nothing short of perfection! The title also sounds like it could be an episode of Seinfeld...which is always a good thing.