Sunday, December 25, 2011


Today in my teenage angst, it is Christmas Day. We slept in until nine. A feat we've been working towards but failing to achieve. We spread out the morning and now it's 2pm and we're unsure where the day has gone. It has been wonderful thus far.

I've always been a calendar person but largely by obligation. I've had some pretty awesome calendars in the past but am only now coming to thoroughly appreciate them. Last year my bestie, Karlie, gave me a calendar of Photomontages created by Thomas Barbey. He's amazing. Find him! Here are some of the photos I've enjoyed throughout the year. While I love them all, I came to this first one and stayed there for four months. 

This was my birthday month! It's out of hand how beautiful it is.
This year my sister blessed me with a calendar of Inuit art. I have a special love for Inuit art with its unique lines and exaggerated qualities. I'd like to understand their point of view but the likelihood of visiting Cape Dorset, in the territory of Nunavut, where these graphic artists can be found, is pretty small. Here are some of the images I'm looking forward to throughout this year.

This is my birthday month!

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