Sunday, December 18, 2011

Office Party.

Today in my teenage angst, my mom is hosting her office Christmas party at our house. My mom works incredibly hard at her job and is equally good at it. Beyond that she puts incredible amounts of time and effort into extra things like this. So much so that it sometimes sounds like we're getting ready for a wedding. Or something. Cause I'm pretty single. So.

I'm pretty tired since school ended and as I lay upstairs trying to take a nap, the following noises and sensations accompanied me: voices speaking, coffee beans, the coffee grinder, bells, voices shouting, being too hot, the dishwasher being emptied, my own hunger pains, general banging, being too cold. I didn't sleep very well. On the upside, there is ridiculous measure of high quality/fat food coming. Just the comfort this tired one needs. Christmas time, if nothing else, is a time to gratefully accept all the comfort food set before you.

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