Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today in my teenage angst, I love Danielle Rousseau. Was anyone a Lost watcher? My sister was. She cried at the finale and when she got a kitten she named her after one of her favorite/obscure characters. Here's a link to Danielle Rousseau's character on Wikipedia if you weren't a lost watcher and would like to be clued in.

This is Rousseau.
She is pretty funny. I tend to think cats are funnier than they are but really, who doesn't. This one is a sniffer and a licker. My sister got her from the Humane Society. Rousseau was in segregated, with the other overly hyper kittens, in the detention room and when my sister walked in she trotted over, clawed up my sister's leg, put her little baby paws on Beth's cheeks and sniffed her lips. To this day, if you pick her up, the first thing she'll do is sniff your lips. She also really likes to play on our stairs and stick her head through the railing. Sometimes when she's really hyper she'll alternate sticking her head through the railing and licking the wall paper. She's a weirdo. 
She really likes this basket. Last year she fit nicely inside. This year it was a hilarious and obvious struggle. But she made it. And posed for a picture. Thank goodness.
This is us. That's all. 

Yesterday, amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning she had a pretty good time with the bags and the wrapping paper and the ribbons and bows. We shot this very short video because it was funny. And who doesn't bless the time Whip My Hair came into their lives. 

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