Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exam week: as seen on TV.

Today in my teenage angst I wrote a final exam worth 75% of my grade. Eww. There is only one word for that grade scale: outrageous. Lucky for me I worked out that I could get only a 46% on the exam and still pass the course. If I got a 66% on the exam I would get a 65% in the course making it transferrable. That's the dream folks.

I love 'As Seen on TV' products. I have Shamwows, I have a Slap-Chop (which by the way works terribly. Pampered Chef - if you're interested - makes an excellent slap-chop type utensil that actually does what the slap-chop advertised) and I have always longed for a Chia Pet.

My sister sent me this link the other day. Click through for a laugh. My absolute favorite is the FlowBee.

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nova said...

I used to do the old "I only need to get __ percent to pass the class" calculations on every single exam. It really does make you feel better. Until you get your degree and consider grad school and every school says you needed to get like a 85% average in your last two years to be considered, and it's like WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THAT WHILE I WAS IN SCHOOL DAMNIT?

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