Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today in my teenage angst I need you to watch this. All of you. Alllllll of you. Save it for later if you need to.

It's the beginning of Fall, which means all new TV. I watch a lot of TV. Here is an unnecessary list of the shows I watch in case you want to talk about them with me. I like to talk about television because obsession with fictional stories is easier than an obsession with my own.

- Bones
- Criminal Minds
- Grey's Anatomy
- Homeland

- How I Met Your Mother
- 2 Broke Girls
- New Girl
- Modern Family
- Big Bang Theory
- 30 Rock
- Parks and Recreation
- Community

I'm probably forgetting one. I'm always forgetting one. I made a list of all the shows I've seen in their entirety. It's long. It's really really long.

Anyway, I caught up on Parks and Recreation yesterday and loved on Aubrey Plaza. She's kind of one note, in that whole dead pan, dead eyes, un-emotional and unforgiving kind of thing. But in the context of Parks and Rec, she's effing hilarious.

Then I saw this. In the context of this, she's effing brilliant. The viewer of this video is made to speculate on several levels about the situational context of Aubrey's character. But the emotion, in every situational speculation, is undeniable. Please watch. Be inspired. And then talk to me about how awesome TV is.