Saturday, October 20, 2012


This week, in all the teenage angst my body would allow, I got sick. It's funny because I often proclaim my body's rock solid immune system. But the flue that's currently circulating got me. It got me like an effing mosquito that I didn't know was there. And I was helpless against it.

See when I was a child I ate a lot of crap. Off the ground. Off the counter. Off the floor. If it looked edible, or tasty, or like something I wanted in my mouth, I put it there. You know that commercial, "Don't you put it in your mouth?" That was specifically directed at me. This habit may have only ended  a little over a year ago. I once found a mini-egg under my friend's couch and truthfully told her that it was kind of a miracle I didn't eat it. The point is, my body built up a resistance to whatever may have been accompanying that crap and as a result, colds don't come my way often, and neither does the flue.

Three days! Three days, I say, I was house bound. Weak, nauseous, achy, constipated (of all things) and greasy, because I couldn't force myself in the shower. This was my view, from the living room floor, for the greater part of two days. It was sad.
On the plus side I watched Manhattan Murder Mystery, a Woody Allen flick featuring a hysterical Diane Keaton. She is so boss. It was an absurdist comedy and just too wonderful for words. I also made my way through Thor, Baby Mama (a continued favorite. Please watch for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler goodness), and today I started The Big Year. Talk about an all star cast. I haven't finished it, but we have at the Library in addition to it being on Netflix. As such, I will be recommending it to everyone.

Today I am better . . . ish. I fell asleep shortly after my family left at 7.30 and slept until noon. I guess I needed that third day. My body still aches some but I'm certain I'll be able to go to work tomorrow.

It really just confirms for me, that I don't know how to be sick. I've been blessed to not get the flue very often in my quarter-life crisis. But it drives me to the point questioning everything I know about my body. What are these symptoms? How are they related? Do they indicate different things at different times? How should I treat one without angering the other and vice versa!?

Turns out this was exactly the flue that was circulating and exactly the flue that I contracted from working with the public. Sigh. But that's the story. I guess. I'll get better at this.

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kalie brynn. said...

ugh, i am the same way! years of working with germs kids has built up my defenses...but every now and then, when i DO get sick, i think i'm going to die. any who, good movie choices! i watched baby mama just yesterday for the 238th time-ish. SO GOOD! feel better, i hope soon!