Saturday, October 20, 2012

Reprise: TC style.

Today in my teenage angst, I reaffirmed for myself all the truths presented in this video.

I just love. I just love all the things.

Every year Cineplex has a 'Community Day' which works as a fundraiser for their children's charity. Five movies are presented for anyone to attend, free of charge. Certain concession items are sold for $2.  It's such a great time.

When I saw that MI: GP was on the list, it became the only option. Luckily my dear friend Sonya-Rose, who I lovingly call SR, has the same fondness for action films as I do. It's a long movie, right, but I was there the whole time. Mind, body and soul. I'm just kidding.

Aristotle had a theory regarding the purpose of tragic plays - what we would now purpose as horror films. The fear involved plays a cathartic role in releasing us of those fears for our own lives. We leave the theatre refreshed, having seen the horrors we most fear displayed before us, we can move on with our lives, leaving those fears behind.

This is what action movies do for me. They are such a thrilling rush of excitement. The type of thrilling excitement that I would never seek out for myself. Watching my TC and Jeremy Rens and Paula Patton (bless you for being so kick-ass) perform those acts for me, is enough to take it out of my system. As I watched this film for the second time, I thought to myself, I could enjoy watching this regularly in the future, as I seek out that cathartic cleanse, courtesy of Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, and more recently Hanna (no last name). What a 90s diva.

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