Monday, October 8, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I'm not as cool as Nova. She just turned 30. Haha. By accident, just then I typed in 39. And then accidently put in 30. Sigh. Also, here is a gratuitous (it's the word of the post) picture of me, my best friend and my niece, who kindly came to cheer me on after my half-marathon. Paisley was . . . a little tired. But nice enough to pose for a picture.

Nova, just turned 30. And her blog is pretty boss. And she doesn't say things like boss. Anyway, she does 'Links' posts regularly and I regularly repost stuff of hers. It's like a non-automatic tumblr. I started doing links posts in August when I was far too tired to blog but kept finding all this amazing stuff online. I've been saving a whack-a-mole of links because I feel like doing links posts and nothing else is lazy. So I took a break from blogging at all. But I'm back at it because I figured out how to get internet at my school and my Critical Thinking class is a gratuitous waste of time. Good glory I hate it. 

So here we go! Oh. And I'm not as cool as Nova because she does links posts as a consistent part of her blog and I do them because I'm lazy. But this is intentional! I promise.

I don't know why I'm crying. (Ps. If you're not on Hello Giggles, you should be. I get a lot, a lot, a lot out of the site. A lot. 

And Now! Your day has been made!

See this was funny during the Olympics, which shows you just how long I've been saving these.

Okay that's all you get. I just discovered I have an assignment due tomorrow that I wasn't aware of. Luckily it's for that gratuitous waste of time, Critical Thinking, so it shouldn't take too long. Ha. I'm a snob, I'm aware, leave it alone. 

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Nova said...

Are you being sarcastic? And hey I'm not 39 but my boyfriend is!! SCANDALOUS.