Monday, May 7, 2012

Babysitting for Rich People.***

Today in my teenage angst, I remind you, unnecessarily, that I really like kids. It is because of this that I babysit with the consistency that I do. I have a pretty good background in child development which makes my care of them pretty reliable. Anyway, it also ends up that people coming in out of town, looking for a babysitter end up with me. I love this. Stranger kids are super fun because you can only work with what's happening at that moment, instead of comparing your time to others before it.

This particular family was a little overwhelming. They were staying at the Temple Garden's Mineral Spa. This is Moose Jaw's main tourist attraction. It's pretty nice and heinously expensive. But they were here for a wedding, so you know. I knocked on the suite's door and was greeted by Donald Draper. Not the fictional character of Donald Draper but definitely a Jon Hamm lookalike dressed in Mad Men costuming. In giving me the instructions, his natural assumption was that, at all points, I would know what to do. For dinner, he passively told me 'just to order room service.' I had never ordered room service before. One sweep of the room and I could tell these people were loaded. You don't look like Don Draper just because you want to.

A very poorly secretly shot phone picture of Donald Draper.

Very expensive shoes.

Legitimate Louis Vuitton bags. I do mean bags, plural. There was another one.

5-hour energy multi-packs. I don't know if this is indicative of economic status, but I thought it was weird enough to take a picture of. 

At the end of it all, it was a fabulous evening. The girls were fabulous, the parents kind and respectful. Not to mention, willing to pay handsomely for my services. I'd like to charge that much from here on out. 

Too bad normal people can't afford that.

***This post is picture-less because I'm not actually the paparazzi. Though I did take pictures that will be saved for my singular, future, reflections on rich people.

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