Saturday, May 5, 2012

TV and Video Production.

This week in my teenage angst, my analytic nature was put to its ultimate test. Three different productions, three different points of entertainment philosophy. One was enlightening, one was frustrating, and one sent me on a roller-coaster of emotions and facial expressions. In Suzy's words, I wasn't sure what to do with my mouth. Though my situation was very different from hers.

In preparation for The Avengers, my father and I took in Iron Man. We're behind, which thinking back on it now, surprises me. Because of our distinct love of superheroes and the productions that center on them. I really didn't understand what I was getting into. The concept of Iron Man, as a superhero, was unknown to me. I knew Spiderman, as a spider man, and Batman as a bat man, but somehow I really didn't put together as Ironman as an Iron man. Because I am awesome. Anyway, the conceptualization of Ironman, as a part of the Marvel set, is an interesting one. Unlike the rest, who derive from losers and the rejected parts of society, Tony Stark is a brilliant, billionaire business mogul, responsible for much of American arms development and distribution. Thus, in his development of super-power - which we should note was for survival purposes - he is not emboldened by his power but rather humbled by it.

Secondly, you know those people who get heartburn from certain foods but continue eating them because they taste good. This has always confused me. Why are you hurting yourself? Even if you can take an antacid, wouldn't it just be easier to eat something else tasty that doesn't give you heartburn? Transfer this metaphor to my relationship with romantic comedies. I recognize the physical pain they cause me and yet, I continue to watch. I've been doing better as of late, just avoiding at all costs, but as I was shelving DVDs at the library on Wednesday night, this one literally spoke to me and said, I will be better! So I brought it home. And this is what I have to say.
It's disheartening to me that any woman might, even for a second, be convinced of this falsehood. It made me tired, and sad. But I'm over it. And really. Really. I'm not watching The Vow. You can't make me.

Lastly, my friends asked me to 'babysit' their nine-month-old last night. I put the babysit in quotations because they put dear little Sophie to bed before I left, so for five hours I ate Sarah's homemade pulled pork, drank their beer and watched THE WALKING DEAD!!!!! Okay, Lost fans everywhere, your dreams are about to come true. This brilliant production features everything that Lost had - even a hatch at one point - without all the confusing science fiction. Replacing that: ZOMBIES! It's amazing. And so disgusting. But so awesome. I can't even tell you how emotionally confused I was throughout the first episode. I went from so excited, to so sad, to so excited, to throwing up in my mouth, all over the course of one scene! It's a keeper. Plus, it's pretty much just started. So, we can walk alongside the brilliance that is The Walking Dead. I really, really, really invite you to join me.

To sum up, thank you for bearing with my over-analysis of everything media. You're the best.

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